About George

A year or so ago, I was offered and took the opportunity to write a column commenting on real estate and estate planning with real estate in the At Home section of the Metro® Boston newspaper. I’ve never regretted my decision. It’s made me a better writer, thinker and lawyer.

Writing the column gives people a chance to get to know me in a more significant way: by seeing how I think, problem solve, and educate. I practice law in the same way.

As a lawyer one is quickly type-cast by the people he or she meets. A person asks my help with a condo purchase or sale and naturally thinks that’s all I do. They have little reason to suspect that I also prepare wills, trusts and estate plans; probate estates;  and routinely represent home buyers and sellers throughout Massachusetts; or that I have experience in other areas of law too numerous to mention.

I’ve regrettably lost touch with many people whom I’ve met over the years. The column, and this blog, gives me the opportunity to get back in touch with them, and also to meet the readers of my column as well as those who frequent the internet as I do:  to research, read and learn.

So I hope you will stay in touch with me through this blog. Contact me if I can be of help in any area of law. If it’s not something that I know and practice, I usually know someone whom I can refer with confidence. In any case, I hope you will find something of interest in each of my columns.


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