The Buffoons in Washington

16 Oct

MetroBoston Publication date October 16, 2013
By Attorney George Warshaw

Sorry, I just couldn’t let the fiasco pass without comment. I will say at the outset I am a neutral; neither a Democrat nor Republican, thus I am free to pillory them all.

The Republicans proclaimed this crusade about Obamacare, moronically trying to eviscerate it through fiscal blackmail, proclaiming the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional and a failure. Though it may need first aid in the end, it was declared constitutional, like it or not.

When this futile Obamacare strategy ultimately failed, the Republicans then declared the shutdown was really about deficit reduction, not Obamacare.

When that fooled no one, the Republicans reportedly caved on all significant issues thereby succeeding in angering opponents and supporters alike.

Now this made the Democrats in Congress beat their chests, kick dirt on the Republican grave and overreach, demanding more in concessions than they initially desired.

Aside from this “Three Stooges Congressional Comedy Show,” the real problem, in my opinion, is that each side is more possessed with embarrassing each other than doing the well-paid job they were hired to do.

Let us not forget that while others are not getting paid, the political faithful in Congress are cashing their checks and eating quite well; and they kept their exceptional health care plan rather than accepting Obamacare for themselves.

© 2013 George Warshaw.  George Warshaw is a well-known attorney and author. He represents buyers and sellers of homes and condos in Massachusetts, litigates real estate matters, and prepares wills, trusts, and estate plans. George welcomes new clients and questions.  Contact him at


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