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Gifting Your Home to Your Children

30 Apr

 Metro® Boston, Publication Date: January 5, 2011

 By Attorney George Warshaw

 It’s not unusual for parents to gift their home to their children and expect to live in it afterwards; but we’ve all heard stories – all too real – about how someone’s parents were later forced to move.

How can something so simple go so badly?

Suppose you (the parent) deed your home to your son as a gift. He gets a mortgage but can’t pay it; or, your son’s creditors place a lien against all real estate standing in his name; or, your son gets divorced and now your home is one of his assets before a probate judge.

How can you protect your home? A trust is perhaps the best method, but a life estate may work almost as well.

It works like this: In the deed to your son or daughter you, the parent, simply reserve the right to live in the house the rest of your life (i.e. called a “life estate”). While your son’s creditors may still acquire a lien, the lien is subject to your right to live in the house forever. If your son wants a mortgage, your permission is needed – and, if you take my advice – be smart, don’t give it! If you do give it, you will likely be evicted in the event of a foreclosure. © 2011 George Warshaw.


Caution. The foregoing is not intended as legal advice. Laws, and court decisions interpreting them, change frequently. This post is not updated. If you have a legal question, only an actual consultation with an attorney who has an opportunity to review all the facts can provide an answer that applies to your situation.

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