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It’s Tax Time Again – Deducting Interest

30 Apr

Metro® Boston, Publication Date: March 30, 2011

By Attorney George Warshaw 

Last week I wrote about the advantages of paying off your mortgage early. A reader asked whether that was wise since a homeowner gets a tax deduction for all or part of the mortgage interest one pays. 

I’ve known many homeowners who say they like to have a mortgage so that they can deduct the interest on their taxes. I’ve never fully understood the rationale. 

A mortgage is not an investment; it’s a debt.  A dollar of mortgage interest does not reduce your taxes by a dollar. A homeowner only gets to offset income taxes by a percentage of that dollar. 

A tax deduction is not a tax credit. A tax credit reduces your taxes dollar for dollar. A deduction merely reduces the amount of income subject to tax. Here’s an example: 

Let’s suppose you are single and your taxable income is between $34,000 and $82,400. Of every taxable dollar you earn over $34,000, 25% (or 25 cents) is paid to the IRS in income taxes. Since a dollar of mortgage interest merely reduces your income by a dollar, a dollar of interest saves you only 25 cents. 

If you don’t need a mortgage, talk to your accountant or lawyer about the best tax strategy for you. © 2011 George Warshaw. 

The foregoing is not intended as legal advice. Consult an attorney to see how or if the foregoing applies to you.

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