What’s Often Overlooked in a Home Inspection

6 Jun

Metro®Boston, Publication Date: June 6, 2012
By Attorney George Warshaw

A home inspection is a “must” for a person buying a home or a condo, even if (and sometimes especially if) the home or condo is brand new.

Too often home buyers bemoan after the purchase that the broker advised them that an inspection wasn’t needed because the home or condo was brand new. Just because a new home or newly renovated home or condo is new doesn’t mean the work was done right, or the appliances, plumbing or electricals were properly connected and functioning.

I love reviewing an inspection report that uses digital photographs with big red circles to pinpoint problems requiring repair. So much of time wasted in a purchase is spent trying to describe what needs to be done or arguing over whether the condition is a problem.

A photograph with a nice red circle indicating the problem often ends the discussion and simplifies getting a quote from a repair person.

Here’s my suggestion in interviewing an inspector: ask if the report will contain digital photographs of the problems encountered; or better yet, ask if you can review an existing report online to get a sense of the quality of the inspector’s work.

George Warshaw is a real estate and estate planning attorney in Massachusetts. He represents buyers and sellers of homes and condos in Massachusetts, and prepares wills, trusts for individuals and families. George welcomes new clients and questions at metro@warshawlaw.com.


Legal Advice: Laws, and court decisions interpreting them, change frequently and this article is not updated as laws change. The content and information contained in this article is neither intended as legal advice nor shall establish an attorney-client relationship.



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